The team


My name is Lucile. I’m French and I worked as a papermaking production manager before changing career and entering the teaching world. I completed a training on teaching French as a foreign Language and I currently teach French in Petite École de Reigate for the “CM1” (equivalent of Year 5) and I enjoy it a lot. More recently I have taken responsibility for the role of director (at both Petite École de Reigate and Language School) and I’m glad to be able to share my language, experience and culture with the children.

Lucile, Director and Loustics 3 Teacher

I joined the team at Petite École de Reigate in September 2016. I am French and I came to the UK 18 years ago, I previously worked in the hospitality business but after having had my 2 children, my priorities changed and I wanted to have more time to spend with my children and pass my culture and mother tongue. I started giving French lessons in a Saturday French school for bilingual children. It has been a pleasure teaching children since 2012.

Myriam, Loustics 1 Teacher

My name is Baya, and I am the mother of two teenage daughters. I qualified as a teacher in France 15 years ago and thought English as a foreign language to primary school children.  When My husband and I decided to move to England a few years back, Petite École de Reigate offered me a great opportunity to teach French to bilingual children and also French as a foreign language.  The last five years have been a wonderful experience, seeing how much the children gain in confidence throughout the years. It is quite rewarding listening to them singing and reading in French with so much ease and enthusiasm.

Baya, Loustics 2 Teacher

Mother of two children at Petite École de Reigate, I am French and have lived in England for more than 20 years. I started teaching French by giving private lessons. I worked for a French club while continuing to give private lessons at all levels. I qualified as a teacher and taught English as a foreign language in several professional organizations and schools , teaching in classes of all ages, nationalities and levels.